Please dispose of the....creature. As you desire
Please dispose of the....creature. As you desire Jul 05

Please dispose of the....creature. As you desire

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Now you have to fight the three guards in precisely the exact same moment. There will be one safespot within the room, where you can eliminate the meleer. The mage and the ranger's hits are dead true, and will hit you around 18. Once you get rid of these, try to leave the room, and you'll find a 6X6 puzzle, using an eight minute timer. If you can not complete the mystery in eight minutes, then the square's will rearrange, and you will have to begin all over again. Once finished, it will show an image of what you presume to be Glouphrie.

Open the doorway, and you will enter a seminar room with eight full chairs of Lords of Arposandra. They have not noticed you yet, since the room is dimly lit, and there's a small crawlspace you can squeeze into. Squeeze into it (60 agility required), and they'll be talking in a peculiar language you presume to be a type of gnomish. Seven of the eight Lords will depart, leaving one who's organizing some newspapers. He is among the Lord that"greeted" you in the jail cell, so that you know he can talk English. You'll squeeze out of the crawlspace, sneak behind him, cover his mouth, fall another teleorb, and you will be sent back to commander Veldaban.

Dwarves from the black guard will then grab the Lord, and bring him to a nearby area. Veldaban: Great work, Zachman3334. Did you happen to learn anything else while you're in Arposandra?

I was in some kind of prison cell. They have very strong gnomes using a magical I have never seen before. And that's just their guards. Veldaban: That's bad. We're presently a fantastic enemy of Arposandra free of doubt. We have to cripple the Red Axe as quickly as we could. Our spy figured out that their foundation is a storage home of all of their valuable info. You must burn the foundation, together with all the information within it.

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