It's really difficult to kill an Ogre?
It's really difficult to kill an Ogre? Jul 17

It's really difficult to kill an Ogre?

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It's really difficult to kill an Ogre? Revenants should be looked at the same way..they can replace them. Jagex may have to provide all levels with different weapons and armors, as well as prayer bonuses that are similar to what a Wild Pking Player would typically wear. I think this is necessary...if there are revenants, why not give them a reason to commit suicide?

Deja Vu! The Chamber of Remembrance a dungeon. The Chamber of Remembrance isn't your ordinary dungeon. Do you remember how you killed Elvarg and were relieved you had won? But not quite yet. Have you ever wanted to take down Slash Bash or Kamil again after you've completed a set number of quests and accrued an amount of quest points? You have the chance now! The Chamber of Rembrance will help you to remember!

Two rewards are available Two Rewards are available: The Crest of Remembrance is made of various Sigils. There is also a special reward for all who finish the Treachorous Mini-Quest.

Required Quests to finish the Chamber: Grand Tree, Tree Gnome Village, Monkey Madness, Legends Quest, The Fremminik Isles, Regicide, Lost City, Legacy of Seergaze, Heroes Quest, Family Crest, Wanted!, Desert Treasure, Troll Romance TokTz-KetDill, Haunted Mine, Recipie for Disaster, Dream Mentor, Smoking Kills, Rocking Out, Grim Tales, Mournings End Part 2: The Temple of Light, Zogre Flesh Eaters, Mountain Daughter Kennith's concerns, Fairytale Part 1 - Growing Pains, Shadow of the Storm Return to my Roots, Earn 200 Quest Points and Ability to defeat multiple bosses from various quests.

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