Revenant Cyplops level 82 is an absolute stunner
Revenant Cyplops level 82 is an absolute stunner Jul 30

Revenant Cyplops level 82 is an absolute stunner

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Revenant Cyplops level 82 is an absolute stunner. It can swing a club every 30 seconds, and will stun anyone in 10 seconds. Revenant hellhound-Level 90. This is a more powerful version of the hobgoblin. It can hit the melee 20 magic 21 or range 20 and can even be up to 140HP.

Revenant demon – Level 98 lets you be invisible and attack others but it also turns off their auto retaliation for 10 seconds. Revenant ork, level 105, uses melee and can attack people in buildings. Its maximum hit 25, 180hp. Revenant Dark Beast Level 120 is the healer. It can heal stronger units first using magic. The range of attack can be between 24 and 200hp.

Revenant Knight - Level 126 uses melee and range, can hit between 20 and 27. it is able to shoot and smash several units several times 250HP. Revenant Dragon Level 135 can heal and teleblock, stun or freeze drain and become invisible, as well as breath fire. The maximum damage it can damage using magic range and melee is 20 and 300hp. Revenant God Level 500 melee 100 range, 100 mage-30 can kill anyone with one hit, with 500HP

If you get frozen you are able to attack, but cannot move and stunned can move, but not attack sorry but i couldn't think of better words. What is the number of Revs available? They will fight. That's right, they will use all of their power to do so. After five minutes of battle, there will be 25 teams. The following wave of revenants follow them around. 20 imps come dirrectly towards your fortress and start bashing it, if it reaches a low amount of HP, it will explode. 15 imps and five goblins can only attack defenders. Goblins, 15 imps, and 10 are able to attack anything they can see.

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