Then, Mitch, my friend has his own clan
Then, Mitch, my friend has his own clan Sep 09

Then, Mitch, my friend has his own clan

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Then, Mitch, my friend has his own clan. This is a short guide he published on his forums. It's very basic, which is why I didn't put it in the guides forum - because I don't believe this will become a real guide, but it's an easy How-to...

While I haven't played RS often enough to reach an adequate degree of dungeoneering it's an idea I consider to be true. I have spoken to players with high dungeoneering scores and they confirmed my suspicions. You know that you must reset once you've completed floors 1 through the highest. After that, you are able to continue the process.

The game is the fastest way to get the xp needed to dungeoneer is to play on two or 3 people on an dungeon specifically designed for one player. That's exactly. A small dungeon for one person. GUIDE MODE ON

You should never open or solve rooms not marked. Slowly solve each puzzle. Unless you are planning on binding it, do not make armour.

One person is responsible for buying the tinderboxes, picks, vials, and hatchets at each stage. They can be utilized for specific doors. When someone spots the boss, they call BOSS to all the players. Then everyone goes through their maps and races to find the boss.

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