I'm trying to find the most affordable method
I'm trying to find the most affordable method Nov 19

I'm trying to find the most affordable method

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I'm trying to find the most affordable method. If you want to get good drops, you could train with slayer beasts. I have full torag and fury, whip. I'm looking for a decent monster, a slayer that I could CAMP at. Meaning good exp, no food needed and decent drops. My Slayer is 47 ATM (i am aware that I require 50, so ill get it). Mage, prayer ranged, summoning, and ranged are not within my reach since i do not have money.

To accomplish this, I must have 2190,067 exp for att, str, and def. How should i learn the fastest? Do the Slayer item I talked about? Which monster, is there one? What's the most effective? Do I require better equipment? Last question should I work out one at time or do it all at one time with whip?

I'm thinking of being a non-member to save RL money for important things. I am trying to see the benefits of becoming a Non-Member. My list: I believe it's difficult to earn money. Swiftswitch screenshots stuff up when you are increasing (does anyone know for sure if it works properly using swiftkit?) There are limitations on the items and area. There are few skills that can be trained and many of them become harder to attain. Instead of 20k+, 3k trade cap. Dropping my items suckatorso and empty set.

Benefits The advantages of a smaller, less compact bank. Since there aren't many things to distract me, I can learn new skills more quickly. Do you have any other suggestions

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