Vanstrom could be anywhere in Morytania
Vanstrom could be anywhere in Morytania Nov 24

Vanstrom could be anywhere in Morytania

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Vanstrom could be anywhere in Morytania. These are just a few possibilities. Once you've found Vanstrom You can then see the cutscene. It's you again! You've defiled and weakened me and my goals for way too long! I must be defeated! Vanstrom will be a Level-145 Vanstrom Klause.

Although prayer will not work at 95%, it will greatly weaken his attacks. Vanstrom will likely take Drakan's Key after a short fight. Head to Meiyerditch by the port, and go to Castle Drakan. Outside, there are two levels 125 Drakan Guards, and you will attempt to kill them. They will teleport you back to Burgh De Rott, where you'll speak with Veliaf.

Are you okay, (player name)? Oh yeah... I'm thinking so... What happened? Drakan's guards caught my interest! You can disguise yourself using this armour. Now, equip what Veliaf offers you. 65 Defense and Attack , to wear and wield full armour. Go back to the port at Meiyerditch and return to the Guards. HALT! Who Goes there?

It's the fellow Drakan Guard... Um... (Player name)! You're wearing armor, so let's get on with it. It worked! Take care when you go to Drakan's throne area. Stop Knight Why are you here? The guards came to me.

Now close the door and remove your armour. Get your normal armour on, and kill 2 Drakan Guards at Level 125. They'll drop regular bones and gold (100-500). Then, two Level 150 Knights will come in. Switch on Protect from Melee and you'll be able to block them 100%. Once they've been killed, they'll drop regular bones, and around the same amount of gold.

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