That is a deceptive business practice
That is a deceptive business practice Jan 27

That is a deceptive business practice

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While I understand that you would like to find the update being rolled out to Google Stadia, here in client service we are not able to do this, since it's managed by the development team. Customer care and the developers are different sections, so we're not able to make immediate changes to the game such as making an update for Stadia, which means you will have to voice your issues in our forums, as this is the very best method to allow the development team know about it.

Considering that the development team can't review this kind of request via customer support, please create a post on the NBA 2K Forums to provide your comments concerning the absence of an update for Google Stadia.

Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience, however we are unable to make and publish an update for the game here in customer support. I'll be marking this ticket as solved, and it'll close in seven days if you don't have any questions regarding a different issue.

I registered multiple BBB complaints concerning issue with receiving Mamba edition items. To being told I am a liar and that I did not win. Most of us deserve refunds.Stadia at least needs to provide refunds to users. Last week I had an exchange with Stadia support and they refused a refund because I've had the game for at least 15 days. How was I supposed to understand in early November that the developer was not going to encourage the game and I'd be stuck using 2020 rosters/jerseys/courts and bugs which prevent gameplay? They told me to get in touch with the developer, but that's not getting anywhere.

Why is it that these Reddit-corporate accounts consistently answer when it's some"love you" comment, and are never there when it's real people with real issues that need solving?I'm glad that this is getting some media. At least about the rosters - the NBA Today quick play mode promises accurate rosters, but they have decided to not upgrade. That is a deceptive business practice.

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