A lot of just how most of Sal's members made
A lot of just how most of Sal's members made Feb 06

A lot of just how most of Sal's members made

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Do small dungeons, unless your party is made from friends and all them have a good deal of free time and are not likely to leave halfway through the dungeon. Otherwise, it might take a very, very long time to level up. Don't buy dungeoneering encounter with tokens. You ought to be there for the tokens anyway. That's all the hints I can think of for now.

Highest sophistication isn't necessarily worth it. Combat level 90 only reduces exp for f2p dungeons, but if you're members, then combats will not hurt. Party members are normally best, but when your party is constantly asking for armor, food, etc, then do not stay with them to get more dungeons. The rest is as good of advice that I know of, but dung is assisted by getting exp with tokens at lower levels quite a bit. You also get more tokens at higher levels.

Hi again, Well, I guess that is it. Ive finished pretty much every requirement for a berserker besides monkey insanity and desert treasure....Ive decided to finish them equally within these 2 days. Now, I have 3m to spend completing these quests, and no matter how high (if you thnk so)my stats are, I want to get these two quests done quickly and as EASY AS POSSIBLE. So, I really could invest 800k in a stunt multicannon, if you think this is the simplest way for me to finish these two quests.

Check out http://www.rsgoldfast.com for more details.
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