Select your most useful thing and bind it
Select your most useful thing and bind it Feb 19

Select your most useful thing and bind it

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Howdy-hey! Your friendly neighborhood rawrgoyle just dropping in for a greeting card, to blather on, things like this. Um, outside of a general"WELCOME!" I guess I do not have a lot to add on. I always mention that the Task system in threads like these. Doing the Easy/Medium set in Lumbridge/Draynor does not call for a hefty amount of abilities, and you're able to find a decent amount of cash from doing this!

Someone will likely correct me on this particular figure, but I think that it's about 30k? Maybe more, but definitely less. Discussing Explorer Jack just north of the castle will get you started on that. I would love to chat, help you out, gossip, etc.. Nice meeting you! Love the username.

Second time having to type this article, since my damn netbook mouse created me delete my post.

Next, chief PK'ing and money making. First of all, the account you're looking at making right now is what is called a'MAIN' (but not normally in caps:o ) and that means you train each the abilities, and just generally try to max out. (PvM, incidentally, means Player versus Monster, so, an account mainly made for killing creatures ) Anyhow, what I mean, is that PvP for mains is rather easy.

Check out for more details.
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