Pittsburgh arguably has the best defense in the conference
Pittsburgh arguably has the best defense in the conference Feb 22

Pittsburgh arguably has the best defense in the conference

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Pittsburgh arguably has the best defense in the conference, and it has talented pass-catchers, but they just dropped down the stretch after starting out the year 11-0. Part of that has been a countless number of drops created by Steelers pass-catchers, but Pittsburgh also needs better quarterback play from Ben Roethlisberger because he gears up for what could end up being his final season in the league. For reference, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, and Tom Brady -- all quarterbacks who reached the conference championship this past year -- composed the top four on that list. Roethlisberger needs to be efficient if Pittsburgh would like to compete against K.C. in 2021.

Edge rusher and the secondary are large needs for Tennessee this offseason after ranking 30th against the pass in DVOA this past year. Signing the likes of J.J. Watt might be a start towards fixing the pass rusher place, but considering the veteran is about the back-nine of his livelihood, he likely will not be able to fix this unit independently. If they were to make significant splashing by acquiring Yannick Ngakoue or Shaq Barrett, that could end up being massive additions to help get after the following season and put them in contention with the Chiefs. In terms of the secondary, options like Richard Sherman may be intriguing to match together with the corners Tennessee already boasts. Whether it reaches the stratosphere of $190M-$195M -- which the most optimistic of agents are hoping for -- remains to be seen, but I'd be amazed if it does not at least sit $185M.

The notion of this hitting the possible floor of 175M seems remote at best based on what I am hearing, but I'd still warning against people projecting the standard feeding frenzy at the onset of the league year that we have become accustomed to. I continue to see ample signs that owners, stung by the pandemic as well as the inability to satisfy their revenue goals in 2020 and perhaps in 2021 as well, will be prepared to hold the lineup longer on paying and take aim at the NFL's middle class, and it could result in an offseason that more closely resembles the drip-by-drip character of baseball offseason, instead of the standard pace of a typical hot stove season.

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