The weekend events called MyTeam Limited are a step
The weekend events called MyTeam Limited are a step Mar 24

The weekend events called MyTeam Limited are a step

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There are still a lot of questions on this front? It'll be among the first things I consider once I get my hands on a copy of the game. In conclusion, are my expectations low? No, but they are actually considering the timing of this release.EA and 2K are at interesting places. Both have significant annual sports games coming out on current-generation and next-generation consoles within a few months.EA has Madden 21 coming out later this month for PS4 and Xbox One after this month, and that which we suppose will be a totally different, more innovative variant coming for PS5 and Xbox Series X in November or December. EA has the same scenario with FIFA 21.

With an upgrade coming soon after the current-gen variation releases, and with the NBA season ravaged by COVID-19-mandated delays, what if consumers expect from the PS4 and Xbox One variations of NBA 2K21?

In fact, the 2019-20 NBA season won't even be done. Because of all of these items, anyone expecting as big of an effort as we normally see from an yearly 2K discharge is likely to be disappointed. All logic points into 2K rescue all or most of its ammunition on the next-gen models. Nevertheless, what does an acceptable current-gen release seem like for 2K? I've got some ideas.

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