Classic WoW Shaman Tips

Shamans are very versatile while leveling, think about the best ways to make use of your spells and auto attacks



Shamans are very versatile while leveling, think about the best ways to make use of your spells and auto attacks. It is generally best to use your lightning spells as a mob runs to you and isn't causing spell interruption, and end that dump of mana with your highest damaging shock spell.

The Earthbind Totem - a reapplying aoe slow you can move independently of - is a unique and powerful tool. Use it intelligently for spacing against unwanted opponents.

Shamans are known for extreme burst damage, and windfury can make things unpredictable, but do your best to have good mana management.

Totems are very valuable, and moreso than for most classes it's usually important for you to do class quests immediately to get them.

If you're leveling as Enhancement, you can probably tank 5 man dungeons through the mid-40s (if no other options are available). Your earth spells deal high threat, and pulling with chain lightning can be a nice aoe threat start.

You can heal 5 man dungeons as any spec, it'll just be a little bit harder or more water-intensive as enhancement.

Classic WoW Warlock Tips

Affliction vs Demonology is a legitimate choice while leveling, but either way you should probably get 3 points in improved corruption and 2 points in suppression to start. It will smooth out your initial DoT application significantly.

Voidwalkers are the best pets for leveling, generally, but are really unlocked with some of the first few tiers of Demonology to allow them to survive, have a stronger taunt, and mana for more taunt casts. Without those talents imps are nearly comparable for the damage output.

Stamina is, spell damage aside, probably your best leveling stat. It not only obviously makes you tankier, but can be converted into mana. 1 point of stamina gives you 10 hp while 1 point of intelligence gives you 15 mana, so life tap makes stamina give a warlock almost as much mana.

Healthstones, Drain Life, and Health Funnel heighten your resource management shenanigans.

Your basic gameplan is to allow your dots to kill things. Your voidwalker ideally absorbs all the punishment while you abuse your powerful fear CC and resource management to negate downtime. Any hits your voidwalker takes, you don't, which means more mana. The huge power of your dot spells and ability to have a pet tank means that, if you're practiced, you can generally kill 2 or 3 mobs at a time and rarely stop.

Wands fit well into this scheme of killing things slowly over time while saving you some mana, but it's not as key as it is on a priest.

Like the Paladin, they are one of the few classes that get a special mount at level 40 for doing a large quest. While challenging, you'll still be able keep your hard earned gold!

Classic WoW Warrior Tips

Warriors are a very gear dependent class, and leveling is rougher for them than most classes. It can be hard to persevere when the going gets tough - but don't lose hope! Sometimes all you need is a new weapon closer to your level and you'll notice an immediate difference.

Consider leveling with a friend, especially if they play a class that can heal. You'll be able to take on much more enemies at once and level at a much faster rate.

To auto attack a mob, you only need to be in range when your attack is ready. If you have a slow weapon, a powerful strategy is to hamstring or otherwise impair a mob and run out of range until your attack is ready, ensuring they can't hit you until you're ready to trade off attacks.

The best thing you can do for your leveling speed is make sure your weapon is up to snuff. If you want to get serious, consider looking up the best weapons for your level and acquiring them, it will often pay off. In a pinch, you can search the auction house for green "of the whale" weapons - these tend to be cheap because people think the stats are bad, but all that really matters to you is the weapon damage and DPS.

Anger Management might look like a subpar talent, but it's actually one of the most important warrior leveling talents. It has a hidden effect not stated in the tooltip, which increases the time before your rage decays outside of combat, which is huge when taking on several enemies one after the other.

It might be tempting to use your rage as soon as you can, but it's best to save it up and only spend it on important things. You'll be glad you have some rage when you accidentally pull two mobs, and it's good practice for saving rage for your most efficient abilities (e.g. Mortal Strike, Bloodthirst) instead of your least efficient (Heroic Strike).

You can and should use Bloodrage to prevent your rage decaying between fights. The health cost is negligible and you can use it and bandage yourself to gain both rage and HP between two fights.

You can tank 5 man dungeons as any spec, just make sure you have a shield and use defensive stance for the threat modifier. Many actually consider Arms to be one of the best tank spec while leveling.

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