I know that NBA 2K game a part of a business

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Keep place locks, but make it more inflexible. I think the example of this I can find is 2k seem to provide players a position based on height. This should be based off what the players actually have played. An instance of this could be a younger durant may play SF and SG however he would not be too elite as a prime durant who'd play with SF or PF. A PG giannis could be released by them however he would not be as prominent as giannis who nba2king has not played with PG. That's it. Game style fixed. Non of them would require any match engine changes since they're only easy limitations. They want to compare it to a trading card game, they should look at the balancing of trading card games. I believe that this would also benefit 2k as they would be able to discharge more cards, including multiple cards of the same player with either a different tier or position.

I will apologize now bcuz I am sure it's been brought up but it's one of the most infuriating game mechanisms and for me pretty much have been destroying the game for me for decades but we want full control over whether we go up for a dunk or a layup. Nothing other than controller is unacceptable anymore. Obviously if you are exceptionally short than there should be a cut away for having the ability to dunk and maybe if you are just a bad dunker than that I could live with how the machine is now but when I'm a pure slasher, that I usually make one annually bcuz they used to be how I'd have fun and get a rest from only shooting 3s before the past couple years, but I shouldn't not know what my player is gonna proceed for when I really go for a dip.

Ever. 2k19 and 2k20 have exhausted my degree of patience on these animations in the game, however seeing dunking I'd rather move the rod to go up for a dunk and get completely shutdown or whiff the dunk if I am forcing it like back in 2k18 any day Vs exactly what we got today where you do not understand what cartoon youre gont get. Not bragging but I could dip in actual life and I'd imagine the pros can say exactly the exact same but when I'm play a real game of ball or at any time for that matter, at not point have I ever wished to go up onto it and wondered if I am about to do a layup or dunk it. Can't tell you how many times I've seen or been the one who got blocked or did the cube when a player in the pain has his guy conquer or pump fake and Find the defenders to jump and then the participant that pump faked,

Like he should unless theres an 3.

Go to dunk and they'll find the most awkward, slow, unathletetic layup I have never seen a true person attempt in my whole life until this game. As you could guess if it somebody slides beyond it, does not fall. In my middle ball trainer seen anybody on my group back when I was young, do a number of these animations that are in the match rn. He had seat your bum. Mind you I said middle college coach. My dad was my high school coach and tbh I can't say what he would do bcuz no one was dumb enough to play like this, mostly bcuz any player knows that's not the way you should ever play basketball and the rest is bcuz my ole guy woulda humiliated you until you quit that moronic shit.

I know that this game a part of a business and you're attempting to make money from it. I also know how much people making new builds contributes to that objective. However, with that said I don't appreciate just how much of this game feels so money-grabbing. As a loyal client to 2k year in and year out buy mt, I can't say how many times I create a player, grind out it playable, only to realize I made an error when constructing the player. Attempting to change something as little as weight, height, wingspan, physique, or takeover is such a weight to perform since the grind is so long.

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