Why is the value of Nook miles Ticket in Animal Crossing New Horizons so high

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The most valuable currency in the game is the Nook miles Ticket, which is more valuable than ACNH Bells. This is a change made by the game team to increase the profits made by players selling radishes. But why does Nook miles Ticket become the most valuable currency in the game?

When players sell radishes on other people's islands, they need to pay a certain amount of NMT as start-up funds. In addition, you need to pay a litter Animal Crossing Bell or other rare items. Players usually only need to pay NMT because the total value of NMT is sufficient to support their activities on the island. If their NMT is not enough, they need to go to the store or agent to Buy Animal Crossing Nook miles Ticket.

Many players used the bugs of unlimited copy items during the early game of Animal Crossing New Horizons to obtain an amazing number of Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells. This bug has now reappeared in the game in other forms. The excessive number of Bells owned by players has led to the phenomenon of ACNH Bells inflation and depreciation. As a result, NMT replaced Bells' economic status.

Players can now use NMT to find rare villagers faster and make their radish trades more profitable. Although the acquisition of Nook Miles points is slow, it is still a faster method of acquiring NMT. In addition, NMT can also help players to explore some mysterious islands with very popular villagers. These villagers of different grades each have corresponding Bells price and NMT price. These popular villagers even need players to spend 20 million Bells or 1,000Nook miles Ticket to get it. But this also further enhances the potential value of Nook miles Ticket. Because even if some players are not interested in popular villagers, they still want to use NMT to trade other things they want.

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