U may add a few portals in the clan wars one for each mode.

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Allotments, Tree pacthes etc.. Once left clicking on a patch with weeds inside I would love to have the personality automatically begin to use the rake (if a rake is present in the stock ). Create a description of what is sown in a patch instead of:"This really is a [flower/Herb] patch. The soil was treated with compost. The RS gold patch has something growing in it. Rather I would like to find this:"That is really a [flower/Herb] patch. The soil has been treated with compost. The patch has [flower/Herb] growing in it.

U may add a few portals in the clan wars one for each mode. Operation Steal: Ur clan need to get some box (for war, it can be some"tech") One participant of every clan needed it. And with TRADE u can giive the box to another1 of ur clan.The first clan to get the box of his enemy wins

Flags of War: The two clans needs to put the flag and guard it (in every plce of his beginning zone) If some1 of the other clan get its that gets the flag should make it to the portal site of his clan (its rate can be decreased to make it tougher ) Reach it: I dont like this... however... isnt my thought... Both clans need to drop in some location a thing (again a box I think) and the other clan need to find it.

Prisoners of War (My own idea) What clan havent challenged again when loses or wins only to have more fun. Together with Prisoners of War among each clan seems in the other hand with five HP and wants to return to his clan... but it will be in a jail with guards The clan need to help his MIA before attacks another clan.

When the alternative into the clan owner to give some EXP its true each game will give diff amount, and each ppl will get a diff level too (like genie's lamps) And (to not help a lot the proprietor ) after battle to each clan warrior looks a message (such as genie again) stating what ability u prefer?

Sorry if that which I type is not easy to read because of punctuation mistakes. But I only have about 2 minutes then I am off the pc. My first thought would be to lock clan conversation. Only the clan owner can achieve so, and what happens is that the moment the lock clan chat button has been clicked, nobody else can enter the cheap OSRS gold clan chat. This really is a ways where you could invite your friend's friend in your chat without allowing everybody in or only 1 person. The proprietor can also unlock the clan chat.


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